CBD Gummy Bears 25mg (Small Pot)
CBD Gummy Bears 25mg (Small Pot)
CBD Gummy Bears 25mg (Small Pot)

CBD Gummy Bears 25mg (Small Pot)

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We've worked tirelessly with experts in the industry to create our premium range of CBD Edibles.

Carefully selected, tested and approved by the man himself, our range of premium CBD Edibles are the best on the market.

These fruity flavoured CBD gummy bears contain an impressive 25mg of CBD per gummy.

Pack Size: approx. 25 pcs*

Manufactured in the UK with high quality broad spectrum CBD extract.


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Third party lab reports can be found online here.

*We do not accept any responsibility for the misuse of these products. Strictly over 18's only.


Created by Experts.

Powered by pioneers of the industry, we’ve combined our expert’s wealth of CBD knowledge with the connoisseur of strains, Mist, to bring you the future of CBD.

Approved by Mist.

Our products have been carefully selected, tested and approved by the internationally renowned UK rap artist, Mist. Our products aren't just manufactured; they're Sick Made.